Important Events (Shri. Annasaheb Khair)

Important Events
  1. Dr Gajanan Shripat Khair is also Known as Shri Annasaheb Khair.
  2. M.A. ( Mumbai & Columbia University.
  3. P.h.D ( New York University. )
  4. Annasaheb Khair is an another devoted and dedicated founder of PVG.
  5. Led life in great poverty and so joined Annath Vidyarthi Griha for education and
         served the institution out of obligation.
  6. He set an example before the students as a hard working teacher who always
         engaged himself in one or other activity denying the offer from abroad.
  7. He preached students to be alert, optmistic, confident, introspective, industrious
         ambitious, to be disciplined, neat, grow public relation and have quest for