Life Sketch of Kulaguru Dadasaheb Ketkar

Founder : Kulaguru Shri Vishnu Gangadhar Ketkar
(Kulaguru Shri Dadasaheb Ketkar)
Life Sketch

Shri Vishnu Gangadhar Ketkar, a stupendous personality and a founder of Pune Vidyarthi Griha

He worked untiringly and gave away mind, body and soul for the institution. He won over many well-wishers and grew public relation.

He became the father of many poor and orphan children coming from different parts of Maharashtra . He kept a keen eye on the students as well as the arrangement of the orphanage.

Some of his teachings are to be truthful,be disciplined, avoid addiction, save money, be determinant, respect elders, work hard, wear simple clothes and avoid use of vehicles. It made his students disciplined, independent, keen observant, punctual, sportive, regular, foresighted etc.