Mumbai Branch - Campus

1. Computer section :-

Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s senior college of Science and Technology fulfills the requisites of owning two full-fledged computer laboratories with the most advanced software programmes,facilities of classnet and internet.

This was possible only because of the generous donation of twenty one computers with coloured monitors by the State Bank Of India.

Our school was the first in Ghatkopar to introduce computer literacy as an optional subject for standard tenth Board Examination.

2. Electronics Section :-

All the necessary apparatus and equipments are availed to the students pursuing electronics subject.

This lab was developed in 2008 when B.Sc with electronics was introduced and Senior college of Science and Technology was started in the same year.

3. Physics,Chemistry and Biology laboratories :-

They are well equipped for Junior college and Secondary students to perform practicals.

4. Gargate Hall in the main building is used for various activities like competitions,
    performances, Ganesh festival,workshop etc.

5. Basement hall in the new building is used for meetings,programmes etc.