History of Vidyabhawan Pre-Primary (English Medium)

The Pre-Primary ( English ) section of Vidyabhawan commenced in the year 1977 with just 30 students. It was taken care by Smt. Shubhangi Hegde who singlehandedly steered it towards success under the valuable guidance of Smt. Pushpa Subramaniam. Above all Shri. N. S. Muzumdar, the Principal and Shri. K. N. Shirkande, the Vice-Principal during that period need a special mention as they were the brain behind the entire on-goings of the school. It was at a time when English medium schools in Ghatkopar (E) area were scarce and moreover the demand for good English medium schools was the need of the hour. Vidyabhawan Pre-Primary English established itself as one of the best school in Ghatkopar over the years. The young minds got the right kind of intellectual and physical nourishment and were nurtured with utmost love and care. As on date, Vidyabhawan is the the first and the best choice for most of the parents. Almost 400 students are admitted every year in the pre-primary section. The curriculum is meticulously made by the Supervisor Smt. Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan and her team of dedicated and devoted teachers wherein the ability and capacity of the tinytots is given priority.