Vidyabhawan Pre-Primary Student Information (English Medium)

Standard Boys Girls Total
Junior KG – A 46 20 66
Junior KG – B 43 22 65
Senior KG – A 35 28 63
Senior KG – B 37 23 60
Total 161 93 254

Student Activities :


A Dindi procession is organized each year in the month of June. Children, dressed as Varkari's, chant gajars like “Gyanba Tukaram...” and celebrate the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi


The festival of Deep Amavasya is celebrated by lighting various kinds of Deep's (lamps). A pooja is of these lamps is also performed later


During Naag-panchami, the children are taught to make mud sculpts of snakes. A snake shelter (Varool) is made in the hall and a pooja is conducted of these snakes. Girls celebrate Naag-panchami by playing “Fugadi” amongst themselves


On the eve of Govinda, children participate and enjoy in breaking the dahi-handi which is raised inside the school premises


During Ganesh festival, children are taught to draw and paint images of Lord Ganesha and these images are later stringed up to decorate the walls of the classrooms


On the eve of Deepawali, children participate in painting Kandil's (Lamps) and Pantii's (Mud lanterns) and all enjoy a small party on the concluding day before Deepawali vacation


The festival is also celebrated by conducting fancy dress competitions amongst children


Sports: Various sporting events like Running race, Ball in the basket, Bead race, Balancing, Musical chairs, etc are conducted to encourage the spirit of participation and success