History of Vidyabhawan Primary (English Medium)

The Primary section of Vidyabhawan commenced in the academic year 1977-78 with a strength of just 26 students. It was headed by the young and dynamic Smt. Pushpa Subramaniam. She was a person with a strong vision, an able administrator and a good decision-maker. Her objectives were clear and she put all her efforts to achieve them. She even went house-to-house urging the parents to take admission for their wards in Vibyabhawan. She left no stone unturned and wholeheartedly pursued her dream which was the growth and glory of Vidyabhawan. She along with Shri. M. N. Muzumdar and Shri. K. N. Shirkande worked painstakingly and their dreams indeed came true. Soon Vidyabhawan was the most sought-after school in Ghatkopar. The divisions had to be increased in order to accommodate the students and cater to the growing demand. The best teachers were appointed and they too poured their lives in maintaining the standard and the reputation of the institution. After the retirement of Smt. Pushpa Subramaniam in the year 2002, Smt, Angelina James Coutinho took over the reins of Primary English and continued the tradition of success. She too guided her teachers and strove for the betterment of the students. Due to the strong efforts more and more students started acquiring the merit rank in the Primary-School –Certificate Examination. The school progressed by leaps and bounds. However, owing to the untimely demise of Smt. Angelina Coutinho on 10th June 2010, Smt. Shubhangi Jadhav presently heads the Team- Primary English. As of now there are 12 divisions in the primary section and almost 800 students who are under its wings and to impart quality education to them is our prime objective.