History of Vidyabhawan Primary (Marathi Medium)

The Primary Marathi medium of Vidyabhawan commenced in the year 1978 with a strength of just 26 students. Smt. Rukmini Dikshit and Mrs. Nayana Satardekar were the first persons who put in all their efforts and gave primary Marathi a strong foundation. Later with Smt. Dikshit as the Headmistress, the school prospered and soon came to be recognized as one of the best schools to impart education through the mother-tongue. The strength of the students rose year after year and currently almost 600 students take admission. The section has also bagged the “ Adarsh Shala Puraskaar “ by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Smt. Vandana Gokhale succeeded as the next Headmistress in the year 2008. She too with her deep administrative skills is leading her team of dedicated teachers and section is getting better day after day. Semi-English classes too are conducted and care is taken to ensure that their students do not lag behind than their counterparts. English subject has also a compulsory part of the syllabus and hence English is no more a hurdle in the progress of the students of the vernacular medium.