History of Vidyabhawan Secondary (Marathi Medium)

It was between the year 1952 and 1958 that Kula guru Annasaheb Ketkar of PVG was elected as a member at Legislative Council from Teachers Constituency .His frequent visits to Mumbai resulted into a desire to start a branch of PVG in Mumbai, the commercial capital. On one of his visits he spoke his mind to the members of past students association of PVG, settled in Mumbai. Accordingly, the past student organization proposed for the existing land at Nath Pai Nagar, Ghatkopar to Shri. Vartak, the then Revenue Minister of Maharashtra. The proposal for this land was immediately approved because it was situated at the fast growing location then. Thus on 4th March 1976 the foundation stone was laid at the hands of Past student of PVG, Honourable Industrialist Shri. Annasaheb Savarkar. Vaastu pooja was done at the hands of Mr. & Mrs. Telegiri, an architect of PVG. Since it was a reclaim land the water from the nearby Nallha use to reach till te school building.

On 13th June 1977, when the school actually started functioning there wqere 5 and 12 students for 5th and 8th standard respectively. The year 1978 saw the opening of 1st standard and pre-primary English and Marathi medium. There were only 23 students in pre primary and 11 students in 1st standard.

Yet the building construction work was not over and thus classes were held in the hall (Appasaheb Gargate Sabhagriha – now) by putting partitions. The construction work didn’t hamper the teaching learning process at all. The school was very keen about discipline. There was a competent staff that took efforts for the physical and the mental development of the children. The school soon gained reputation, the no. of students increased rapidly and there were full fledged classes from 1st to 10th standard in a due course of time. The distinguished feature of the school is that, it is a unique example where both English and Marathi medium schools go hand in hand under the same roof.